Caregiver Coaching Session


Caregiving is very hard work. When a crisis or transition occurs in our lives, it can become debilitating. While a caregiver is giving all of themselves to care for others, they sometimes need support themselves. This is what caregiver coaching does. We support the caregiver so that they can continue giving support to others.  Caregiver coaching is designed to benefit the caregiver. Caregivers receive an objective ear to hear concerns, professional guidance when needed, support, and help in accomplishing their personal goals.

Restoration and Peace offers individual counseling in Depression and Anxiety; Personal Growth; Trauma and Loss; Family Matters; and Life Transitions. Sessions run an average of 45 minutes. As a Restoration and Peace client, you will receive a clear assessment of your concerns followed by an individualized plan to ensure a positive outcome.


Caregiver Coaching is provided by our partner, Restoration & Peace Counseling. For more information, visit


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