Sometimes we just need an escape. While running away from home is probably out of the question, a brief respite in the form of online amusement is available. Check out these web series that not only entertain but also address some of the issues we face as family caregivers.


A post-op nurse experiences the world of the twilight room where painful secrets of her patients under anesthesia are revealed, and the consequences play out. Starring Sarah Jones, Kate Beahan, Bill Brochtrup, Jason Isaacs, Devaughn Nixon, Leland Orser, Sydney Poitier, Yaniv Rokah.

Ruth & Erica

A woman struggles with her mother’s reluctance to make the life changes necessary in light of her increasing frailty. Starring:  Maura Tierney, Lois Smith, Philip Baker Hall, Michael C. Hall and Steven Weber. Written and Directed by Amy Lippman.


A young woman’s life is turned upside down when she is forced to care for her older sister’s infant daughter. Starring Maggie Grace and Anna Paquin.

The Caregiver

A young college graduate comes home to become full-time caregiver to her great grandmother. As part of her daily routine and regimen, the grandmother, an Alzheimer’s patient, watches the same silent movie every day. It is through this movie that she is able to teach one last life lesson to her great granddaughter.


A yoga psychotherapist tries to bring some serenity into her clients’ lives, and her own. Starring Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Harold Perrineau, Nancy Carell, Mark Povinelli, Rusty Schwimmer, Debra Azar, Nikki McCauley, Jason Gedrick.


Follow one young woman with metastatic cancer and her best friend as they raft the Grand Canyon and struggle through their own unique set of challenges as patient and caregiver.


Heartsong is a dramatic journey through the eyes of a loving granddaughter into the heartache and humor of one woman’s struggle with Alzheimer’s.  Starring: Laura Seabrook, Kathy Patterson, Clint Lewing.


Chemosabe is a dark comedy about a man no longer in remission who is forced to start treatment with the help of his sister and best friend, Death. Starring: Keith Walker, Diana Sanchez, Devin Elting.  Created by Keith Walker and Devin Elting.